Information for British, Irish, Danish and non EU citizens

Information for British, Irish, Danish and non EU citizens

Dear applicants,

Citizens of Denmark applying in Sweden have to submit the document confirming the registration in the Swedish Population Register (“personbevis”)

To apply for a visa British and Irish citizens and citizens of non EU Member states should submit the following papers:

1. Completed visa application

2. National passport

3. One colour passport size photo

4. Paid travel insurance (see How to apply for a visa for details)

5. Long-term Swedish visa or Resident permit (Uppehållstillstånd) valid for at least three months after visa expiration date;

6. Invitation letter

  • If you apply for a Tourist visa please see information under Tourist visa
  • If you apply for any other type of visa, invitation letter shall be issued either by the General administration for migration issues of the Interior Ministry of Russia (a person or organization inviting you to visit Russia applies for an invitation to the Local Office of the Federal Migration Service in Russia. Then the invitation should be sent directly to an applicant),or by the Consular department of the Russian Foreign Ministry. In this case invitation is telexed directly to the Consulate General.

Based on mutual reciprocity, citizens of Australia who are going to enter Russia with official or business purposes have to submit a detailed CV in Russian along with other necessary visa documents.

Citizens of the following countries must present Swedish Permanent Residence Permit:

Algeria, Angola, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chad, China, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Iran, Nepal, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Rwanda, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Vietnam.


  • Visa processing starts only after submitting of all the documents required. Any additional mails, e-mails, faxes and letters are not appropriate. Applicants are responsible for collecting the whole file of necessary papers.
  • The Consulate General reserves its right to invite applicants for an interview.
  • Consular officer determines the period of processing your visa application. The period of processing can be prolonged up to 30 working days in case of need.

After the visa is received it should be checked properly by the applicant (passport number, date of birth, term of validity, etc). Any misprints or inaccuracies should be reported immediately. The Consulate General assumes no responsibility for any discrepancies in visas which have not been brought to its attention prior to departure from Sweden.