Russian Visa Centers

To get a Russian visa we advise you to apply through the Russian Visa Center in Gothenburg which is located at Friggagatan 12B, 411 01 Göteborg. The applicant must make an appointment

The visa centre’s primary goal is to allow for an easier and faster way of applying for a visa to Russia. Visa officers can provide all the necessary information regarding specific regulations that apply when submitting a visa application as well as when staying in Russia. Also, the staff will ensure all the papers are in good order before you submit them. When contacting the Consular Department on issues such as document submission or passport issue, the staff will act in good faith to represent all applicants.

It is the Embassy of the Russian Federation or the Consulate General of the Russian Federation which make final decision concerning visa approval or rejection.

Following applicants submit their visa applications directly to the Consulate General:

  • guests of Swedish diplomatic and consular missions in Russia,
  • members of official delegations invited by Russian authorities.    

Please be informed that all other applicants including companies and tourist agencies should apply through the Visa Center.

Application processing through the Visa Center requires an additional service fee. Please pay attention that this fee is not a consular fee which is not refundable, even in case of rejection of a visa application.

If you have any remarks or observations regarding the Visa Center services you can contact the Consulate General by e-mail ( Your comments will be duly considered.